Dear Clients,

      Lex Corpora is a group of offices run by a lawyer and legal counsellors who specialize in a complex legal service of companies and individual service for private people. The group is composed of experienced legal counsellors as well as young, dynamic high-qualified law graduates from the best universities in Poland.

      To ensure the highest standards of our service, we continuously improve the qualifications of our team by their participation in numerous courses and conferences.

      Lex Corpora lawyers have many years of experience in providing service in the range of legal help for entities, particularly in terms of insolvency law, the law of commercial companies, the law of public orders, rights of intellectual possession and labour law. Lawyers and counsellors of Lex Corpora also provide services to foreign transactors and advise investors planning to start businesses in Poland.

      Lex Corpora is in permanent cooperation with tax advisors and patent agents in the in the scope of tax law and rights of intellectual possession, particularly in the cases of antitrust law, fighting unfair competition and industrial ownership law. Additionally, our offices cooperate with lawyers and legal counsellors from all Poland to ensure our clients complex legal service in all aspects.


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