We offer an agreed project of the realisation of legal service, individually adjusted to our Clients’ personal and professional needs and taking into account the specificity our Clients’ business activities.
Particular commissions are realized in the shortest possible period – consequently there is the possibility of preparing legal opinions concerning not complicated cases within 24 hours. This offer comes as a special service for our regular customers.

- Legal help provided by our office to regular customers will include:
1. preparing the projects of internal legal acts,
2. providing opinions on agreements, contracts and other legal acts presented by
    the customer,
3. providing legal advice,
4. preparing legal information and opinions,
5. acting on the Client’s behalf before the courts and other public administration

The costs of legal service are counted according to one of three options and are negotiated with Clients in every single case:
a. Option I: an hour fee;
b. Option II: a lump sum fee with hour limit;
c. Option III: a lump sum fee without hour limit;
d. Option IV: the cost of the trial service – according to fees imposed by
    the Polish law

All of our services are insured on the ground of civil responsibility and all the information provided by the clients is treated as a professional secret and thus is confidential.

Legal help provided by our office mainly includes: 

      - Commercial law including legal advice and help in all the cases connected with running businesses. This includes advising in the range of civil law, especially negotiating and preparing projects of agreements and contracts, conducting cases before common courts of law and courts of conciliation, complex auditing (due dilligence) of trading companies and preparing reports. We also offer help in cases concerning establishing and converting companies and partnerships, buying shares, changing agreements and statutes, additional payments of partners and consolidations. Additionally, we provide all kinds of service connected with taking actions in National Court Register;

      - Law of public order, particularly concerning organisation and dealing biddings and tenders. This service is provided for entities takings part in tenders, who are ensured complex legal help including appeal and court proceedings, as well as entities of public finance sector and others obliged to comply with the law of public orders;

      - Insolvency and improvement law Legal counsellors and lawyers working for Lex Corpora have vast experience in the range of insolvency and improvement law. Our experience includes conducting cases and representing the interests of creditors. Our lawyers serve functions of official receivers and temporary supervisors or plenipotentiaries of official receivers in different cases. As a result, our experience in this range allows as to represent the interests of our clients, creditors and debtors in the best way adjusted to their individual needs.

      - Vindication of debts, that is all the actions in the scope of vindications including taking measures leading to obtaining executive titles, and if necessary - preserving debtors assets, then finally representing creditors in execution proceedings.

      - Criminal law, service provided by experienced lawyers includes defending suspects and defendants as well as representing the harmed in all stages of legal proceedings. All this with taking into account legal perturbations concerning commercial activities.

      - Family and custodial law in its full range including private life as well as financial and possession matters.

      - Labour and social security law, particularly in the cases of damages, pensions and compensations.

      - Civil law in its widest understanding.


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